Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street

Grooming Gentlemen for Centuries

Steve Chapman

Head Barber & Training Manager
Steve  Chapman Steve began his barbering career in Manchester UK before moving to London where he worked with Murdock London; his clients included Savile Row tailors & Hollywood actors. He won nationwide competition which led him to work with fashion editorials. Before his move to Jermyn Street, he opened & managed a barber shop in Cologne, Germany. Steve is Jermyn Street's GM & Head Barber and brings with him outstanding expertise in all aspects of modern and traditional male grooming.

Joel Phua

Master Barber
Joel Phua Started as a hairstylist at the age of 19 and having worked for 7 years with Sassoon US, he decided to continue his passion in Asia.His passion as a cutting specialist outgrew his skills and he decided to further explore his potentials to master the skills of a barber. In 2013, he won "THE DIAMOND SCISSORS" award. Joel posseses a hybrid in hair business for acquiring the deadly edge combination of techniques in both trades where he exercises his creativity and change the look of a modern man.

Dee Diana

Senior Barber
Dee Diana Having over 12 years of working experience and having graduated from Vidal Sassoon UK, Dee is our only female Barber. She possesses and embraces the best of both barbering and hairstyling skills that will change and transform the look of modern men.

Sam Chapman

Haiqal Sutan Muda

Haiqal Sutan Muda A young and talented barber, Haiqal was Jermyn Street's first apprentice who graduated with honours under the direction of Master Barber Luke Strickland. Haiqal is an NTU undergraduate, he nevertheless chose to practice barbering to pursue his childhood passion. His dedication and passion is shown in every cut that he makes. A future star.


Mira Besides being a freelance model, Mira has great exposure in the customer service field since from a very young age. She loves to meet people and believes in delivering her best in whatever she embarks in life. During her leisure, she loves to exercise and travel around the world.

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Jermyn Street

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62 20 40 10

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